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More about us

i-Quilt is here to help you experience patchwork and quilting for yourself, without the pain (or having to tool up).  Yes, that’s right; no pain and all gain!!

We provide everything.  Absolutely everything: sewing machines (new and beautiful to use), threads, fabric (all precut and prepared), coffee, pins, scissors, printed and electronic instructions, and phone and internet support, if you need it.

A quilt is the most amazing gift in the world.  Seriously.  Nothing else can physically give you a hug, brighten a room, warm your bed, match your décor, be gifted for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings, congratulations, friendship, say thank you, comfort the sick, infirmed and recuperating, children in hospital, bushfire and flood victims, as a going away or coming home gift, for returning soldiers ( eg. Quilts of Valour organisation); can be made anywhere, including on the international space station (check it out on youtube) ; can be made on machine or hand sewn, and can be made by absolutely anyone, with love. 

You’ve got the reason, now you just need to make the quilt- and tell everyone…..”I Quilt”!